Clay Aiken Addresses Same-Sex Marriage On ‘Face The Nation’


American Idol alumni Clay Aiken made a stop by Face the Nation yesterday to discuss the importance of same-sex marriage in the historical 2012 presidential election.

The former Idol finalist joined the panel to discuss the issue and the highly publicized recent ban on gay marriage in his own home state of North Carolina.

Aiken, who publicly identified as being homosexual in 2008, told host Bob Schieffer “I think between 2003 and today, as we’ve seen with gay marriage polling, we’ve seen minds changing. We’ve seen more people becoming more open and understanding of homosexuality.”

When talking about President Obama and his recent support of same-sex marriage, he added, “I voted for President Obama last time and I think all gay men and women are energized to vote for President Obama now, so I’ll definitely be helping how I can.”

You can watch the full interview below: