Cornell Frat Boys Allegedly Threw Bottles and Called Black Students “Trayvon”


According to a group of African-American students at Cornell University, white members of the fraternity Sigma Pi hurled bottles and cans at them while on campus.

When the students asked them to stop, one of the white members reportedly yelled “Come up here, Trayvon” and other racial comments. The Cornell Daily Sun reports Beverly Fonkwo (Class of 2014) claims she was walking with a friend when the objects were thrown at her and the comments were made.

“I feel like it was targeted and racially motivated … we felt very threatened, stated Fonkwo. She proceeded to call the police to assist in the matter.

The fraternity’s president, Zach Smith, revealed in an email that the organization “figured out who the perpetrator was, and will turn his name over to police.”

“To use that boy’s name so disrespectfully while disrespecting someone is absolutely insane,” stated Sade Samakinwa; she’s right.