Crazed Man Throws Pieces of Flesh and Intestines at Cops


A Hackensack, New Jersey resident was subdued by police after stabbing himself and throwing pieces of his flesh and intestines at two officers over the weekend.

According to Police Lt. John Heinemann, the encounter occurred on Sunday morning after local police received a call about a man barricading himself in a room threatening to do harm to himself.

Upon kicking down the door, the two officers attempted to restrain 43-year-old Wayne Carter, but he ignored the officers’ request and began stabbing himself in the legs, abdomen, and neck.

“Carter yelled at the officers and took an aggressive stance, and the officers used pepper spray in a bid to subdue him, but it had no effect,” Heinemann said.

He then began to throw pieces of his flesh and intestines at the officers. Deciding to retreat, the officers notified the Bergen County SWAT team who eventually restrained Carter.

Carter was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. While Heinemann believes mental illness or drugs is the cause for this gruesome occurrence, charges have yet to be filed against Carter.

“No charges have been filed because of the unusual nature of the case,” Heinemann said.

This isn’t the first time Carter has had trouble with the law. He’s been arrested for aggravated assault and resisting arrest in the past.

If this isn’t another sign of the Zombie Apocalypse, we don’t know what is.