Curren$y & The Jets Land In LA


As the theatre began to fill up I noticed that it was basically all dudes. I figured this was because Curren$y has always stayed true to his style of music (and lyricism). You most likely won’t hear a Curren$y record in the club because he doesn’t make music for girls to dance to. Although he has upbeat tracks, he is definitely more about the rhymes and less about catchy hooks. This means for a girl to be at a Curren$y show she has to be a true hip-hop (or weed) fan and not someone who just heard the song on their favorite pop radio station. Point, as the DJ started spinning some classic Spitta joints two girls infront of me stood up and began to recite his lines bar for bar (ad libs and all). After talking to them briefly you could tell they were die-hard fans and true hip-hop enthusiasts. The overwhelming consensus when talking to people in my section about why they love Curren$y was because of his consistency and originality. In other words, because Curren$y is REAL. Truthfully, I’m glad the show is in a smaller theatre filled with real hip-hop fans way more than a huge stadium filled with fans that only know the hooks to the singles they hear on the radio. So I was excited and ready to go bar for bar with the girls by the time we were done talking.

When Corner Boy P hit the stage and threw up the Jets symbol everyone was more than ready to rock. He provided a real boost to the room that was steadily becoming higher and higher. I enjoyed his set and even caught some gems in his bars, which is hard to do over a blasting beat and live mic. Corner Boy P did his thing for a few tracks and then brought out “The Jet Life Astronaut” / “International Jones”, Fiend.

This was my first time seeing Fiend perform live. I have a couple of his mixtapes and heard him on numerous Curren$y tracks but I always wondered if his voice would be a disappointment live (particularly when he sings). Fiend answered that pretty fast singing acapella at the end of a song. It sounded exactly like how it does when I listen to his tracks at home on my headphones. Fiend’s versatility was very impressive and really made me wonder how he is still so under the radar.

Next up was Jet Life staples Young Roddy and Trademark. I’ve always thought that they were better than what people gave them credit for being. It was really cool to see that I wasn’t the only one. The crowd recited every lyric of the songs they were performing and seemed to get more excited for each song on their track list. It was different from most shows because by the end of Roddy and Trademark’s set it felt like I was in a hot box. I think you could count on one hand how many people were not smoking after the first hour of the show.

Styles P was the next act. He definitely is one of those artists that you forget how long he’s been in the rap game. Styles has been a part of some major tracks including L.O.X.’s “Wild Out”, “Locked Up” ft. Akon, and his solo smash (and appropriate crowd favorite) “Good Times”. It was cool to see a legend on stage still doing his thing, jumping in the crowd, and really getting the crowd up.

Last but not least was the main attraction, SPITTA! He came out and immediately asked the crowd “you didn’t smoke yourselves to sleep now did you?!” and then proceeded to perform (one of my favorites) BBS. This also was my first time seeing Curren$y live. He performed a lot of his recent popular tracks but also went back and performed tracks off some of the older tapes. Dom Kennedy also came out and joined Spitta on stage to perform Hennessey Beach. The crowd didn’t miss a beat the whole concert, as they were right there with him on every line. Curren$y even performed “Breakfast” completely acapella and let the crowd fill in the blanks every now and then.

In the end, it was refreshing to go to a true hip-hop show where the artists are willing to go acapella to drive home lyrical content and the fans are right there with them because they understand and feel the lyrics. Although Curren$y wasn’t rapping about changing the world, global politics, the economy, and things of that nature, he was having fun rapping about what he knows and what actually goes on in his life. Whether that be downloading a 2k roster to play an 82 game season or not being able to line his neck because he forgot his hand mirror… have to respect the authenticity!

“Same subject all the time but fuck it….I don’t spit it unless I’ve done it and the real niggas love it”- Curren$y

Nick Porter