Dear Sheree: You’re No Longer a Housewife, You Can Stay in the House Now


You know how the harder you try to prove something isn’t true, the more people are inclined to think it is? That’s how we’re feeling about Sheree’s exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, because the more she tries to convince us she chose to leave the series on her own, the more certain we are that she was actually fired.

It would be great if Sheree recognized the foolishness on the show and suddenly had a change of heart, but let’s be real—she was four seasons in, and the last season was one of the calmest. If she was really worried about the example she was setting for her daughter and the way the cameras were portraying her on TV she would have been gone by the end of season 1, maybe season 2 at the latest.

There is the extremely slight and non-realistic possibility Sheree had an AHA moment late in the game but knowing the way she values dollar signs, I can’t see her letting a sudden moral conscious override her need to get paid. The real reality of her situation is that RHOA was her only source of income—she doesn’t even get money from Bob Whitfield for child support. And seeing as how she was also the only cast member who wasn’t using her fame as a housewife to land other money-making opportunities, the likelihood of her giving hundreds of thousands of dollars away each year to finally start a fitness venture that would’ve been more popular if it was being pushed by a real housewife is pretty low. I get trying to save face, but it’s like three seasons too late. And after we saw her stumbling and lying over contractors and excuses for why chateau Sheree is still a pile of dirt on an empty lot, we expect nothing but lies from this woman at this point and that’s pretty much what she’s giving us—and for no reason.

The thing is, Sheree’s time is up and we’ve moved on to her replacement, Kenya Moore, and the drama she’s already causing. Sheree should’ve stepped her PR game up when she was actually a star on Bravo because at this point we’re pretty much done caring and she’s starting to look crazier and crazier. You’re not going to get your job back boo, accept it and move on like we have.