Detangling Wars


Should I comb or use fingers to detangle? Should I detangle with wet or dry hair? These are common questions asked in the natural hair community. We are here to discuss what works and what doesn’t work for each of these detangling techniques.

Comb Detangling Vs. Finger Detangling

Many of us may have grown up with our mothers using combs to detangling hair. If you choose comb detangling, you want to make sure to use a wide tooth comb.

Sometimes when you comb your hair, you tend to rip out hair and instead of separating your strands. Comb detangling is less time consuming. But, if you are not careful, it can lead to breakage.

With finger detangling, you can feel more tangles like knots and ties. If you don’t take time to go through most of your strands, you can start to form dreads into your hair.

You may have to use wide tooth comb to gently detangle after using fingers detangling technique. When you master finger detangling, it can lead to improvement in density and length of your hair.

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