Detangling Wars


Wet Detangling Vs. Dry Detangling

Wet detangling is when your hair is coated with a conditioner, then combed or fingers are used to detangle. Natural hair is always easier to manage when it’s wet. The conditioner is used to reduce damage. However, water makes your hair shrink and easier to break.

To stop you from ripping your hair out, you want to not use much force to comb out your hair. Be sure to check the hair that comes out during the detangling process. You want it to be more shed hair with a bulb and not broken hair.

Dry detangling is when your hair is dry and you lightly mist it with water or add a little bit of conditioner. Hair is fully dry and coated with oil. Of course, natural hair tends to shrink when it’s wet.

Our natural curls are much stronger when it is dry. However, your hair can break prematurely when it is dry and form knots. You can have success with dry detangling when your hair isn’t 100 percent dry. This is one technique, you cannot learn overnight.

Remember to always try out every detangling method to see what works best for you.

What detangling options do you use?

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