Double Take: Are Nicki Minaj and Chaka Khan Long Lost Twins?


Okay maybe not twins, but you have to admit the resemblance is there. I’ve actually thought for a while that the brown-skinned beauties favored one another, and now that Chaka Khan has revealed her dramatic weight loss, even more people are starting to notice the similarities between the 59-year-old funk-soul singer and the 29-year-old rapper.

The connection is definitely all in the nose and the flawless skin that these ladies share. Other than both ladies also using stage names different from those given at birth, that’s pretty much where the similarity between these superstars ends, although that’s enough to make us think they might share a relative somewhere along the line. Even Chaka Khan sees what everyone is talking about. She tweeted to her fans a couple days ago that she sees the resemblance between her and the Queens rapper. We wonder if this might be a jumping off point to a Nicki-Chaka musical collabo? We could see that too.