The-Dream’s ‘Love IV’ Gets A Release Date


Looks like we have a lot of albums to look forward to in the next couple of months! The latest to announce a new project is none other than The-Dream.

As a follow-up to his free album 1977, the new piece of work will be titled Love IV. He officially announced on Twitter that we can expect that to drop August 14th.

Here’s the full tweet:

“LOVE IV is the BEST Album I’ve made. I don’t care what the sales will be. I will do my best to Challenge your Taste And Knowledge……. I will Leave no Holes in this Album Period, no room to be Hated only Adored or simply just say “you don’t fuck with me” but what U won’t….Say is Dream Album is Mediocre or Sucks. I will Never Be your Star I’m to G and to Westside for that. I will never Sellout Arenas…..Because Since Love Hate I didn’t Sellout! And no matter how much you hate me you got to Respect that! AUGUST 14.”

With his stellar production and ear for an amazing tune, we couldn’t be more excited to hear this!

Props: HipHip-n-More