Dress Up Those Necks: Scarves, Bow Ties, and Collars


When the weather starts to heat up, we try to stay away from anything being around our necks except for necklaces. Ladies, scarves can work all year around, so don’t put them away just yet. If you ever wanted to highlight your collarbone, then bow ties and attachable collars are a few great accessories to seek.

Bow Ties

We all know that bow ties are a standard man’s accessory. But, we can rock bow ties, too. If you are into menswear inspired pieces, then you need this accessory in your closet. Bow ties are no longer stuffy things you wear with tuxedo.

With details like beading, sequin, and lace, bow ties are becoming trendy. An alternative option is to use the bow tie as a cool hair accessory.

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