Dress Up Those Necks: Scarves, Bow Ties, and Collars


Detachable Collars

You can think like a man and highlight the collars of your shirts. Men often accessorize their collars with pins and collar studs. Of course, we have way more options to make our collars pop.

Detachable collars come in a variety of colors, patterns, materials, and shapes. If you are crafty, you can make a neck adornment with jewels, sequin or anything you think of.

Here’s a quick DIY sparkly collar project:


A button down shirt with a peter pan collar

Mod Podge glue




Small bowl



1. Cut the collar off the shirt. Get close to the seam and make sure you do not cut off the top button of collar.

2. Iron the collar.

3. Mix glitter with the Mod Podge in bowl. Use a paintbrush to apply the mixture onto the collar. Paint on three good coats.

4. Dry the collar away from a window. Once dry, place it over any complimentary shirt.

The right collar can change the look of a blouse. It’s fun neck candy you can buy or create yourself.

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