Dress Up Those Necks: Scarves, Bow Ties, and Collars



A lightweight scarf can go far in anyone’s wardrobe. We have some scarf styles you can try out during the next couple of months:

When you simply wrap a long scarf around your head and tie one knot towards your forehead, you have the headscarf.

You can wear a scarf like a menswear tie when you tie it loose and low.

Scarves can actually work at tops as long as you have something underneath and a belt to keep it together.

Fold in half, diagonally and tie in the back with the pointed tips in the front. You have yourself a lobster bib style scarf.

Long, thin scarves work well as belts.

Love the sheer trend, but want to be modest. You can cover up your sheer shirt by wearing a scarf in a loose loop style.

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