Editorial: The Case Against A Ma$e Comeback


Has any MC had more comeback attempts than Ma$e? Unless you count Lil Kim’s countless duds lobbed at Nicki Minaj, Murder/Minister/Minion Ma$e is among the top in attempted rap resurrections. Unfortunately for Mason, the third time ain’t a charm. It’s not for lack of skills: Rap’s all-time smiliest proves he can still snap on Wale’s “Slight Work (Remix).” But hip-hop is like politics—there’s no country for flip-floppers (chancletas excluded). Are we getting playboy in a shiny suit, badass bars or congregation rap? Who knows. I’m all for transformations—Optimus Prime is my dude—but after such stark personas, it’s hard to identify the man behind the dimples (pause). Plus, Harlem’s future is faring just fine (shout out to A$AP and Azealia Banks). But since nostalgia feels so good, how about a Bad Boy reunion tour? Brooklyn needs that Biggie hologram. —John Kennedy

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