Erica Mena Speaks Out: ‘We Are Not to Blame!’


On April 18, 2012, Vixen raised an interesting and insightful debate regarding a video that surfaced of Tashay D. Edwards brutally assaulting another young woman over a situation that happened on Twitter. The video of the incident received millions of views in a short-time span and gained instant popularity all over the country. Fast forward to the middle of May, and yet another incident was filmed and recorded – all due to a disagreement that took place over Twitter.

In this most recent incident, one female posted an obscene and explicit picture of another on the popular social networking site. Once Twitter started to feed into the altercation and instigate it, one of the girls flew into the other one’s town and brutally attacked her…on camera. Since the brutal attack (which mirrored the April 18 incident), reality TV has been named as one of its influencers. These two incidents are not the only ones to analyze, but also the hundred that are posted to blogs/sites such as WorldStarHipHop daily. Media outlets are saying that young kids are watching these reality splats, see how participants are gaining fame, fortune and notoriety, and believe that they will get the same praise as we do.


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