Erica Mena Speaks Out: ‘We Are Not to Blame!’


One should assume both aggressors in the attacks have parents or were raised by someone who should have provided them with some sort of foundation to begin with. As a child, I grew up watching Scarface and Goodfellas, but never once did I have the urge or audacity to kill someone or get involved in drugs. Why? Because my parents and older siblings taught me how to distinguish right from wrong, and how to make accurate choices when it comes to my life and livelihood.

I know I was in a vicious fight onscreen, and even though I publicly apologized, I can say that the fight was not scripted or done out of a cry for attention. When asked to join the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, my intentions were to make a point to some of the other girls who I felt were killing an already-dying industry. When I brought up my point, things became violent…but only after I escaped a glass that was being tossed directly at me

At the end of the day, people will believe what they want to believe, but I have a child at home, who is very impressionable right now at his young age. When he finally sees my fight on camera for the first time, I will have a lot of explaining to do, to provide the same foundation that I believe the two “twitter beef” girls lacked. We all have screw-ups and can get taken out of character. The difference between you and I is that my moments are documented on camera and broadcasted to millions. When I have my moments, I should not be judged and used as a scapegoat for unnecessary violence amongst kids and young adults.

There is nothing classy about fighting onscreen, but we all make mistakes. And parents everywhere should make an attempt to help these kids make the right decisions when viewing violent movies, listening to aggressive hip-hop lyrics or watching us have cat fight on TV on Monday nights. –Erica Mena (@Erica_Mena)

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