‘Escape Routes’ Stars Talk Sexiest NBA Players and Road Trip Playlist


Former college basketball players and current NYC-based models Chekesha (@chekeshaj) and Tiffany (@itzmetiffany) have joined Ford and NBC’s primetime interactive reality competition series, Escape Routes. The two best friends (who claim to be 21 forever!) auditioned for the Saturday night TV spot on a whim and were quickly dubbed America’s Choice for the extreme challenges.

Now, competing with five other teams, the chummy duo have been thrown into a unique road trip (in a Ford Escape, of course), traveling to the major cities around the nation and doing extreme stunts that are rarely seen on a runway.

Vixen caught up with the Houston natives in Miami to talk hoop dreams, HBCU’s (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Tennessee State University), sexy NBA players and just what life on the road is like with no music. –Niki McGloster

What’s the most stressful part of being on the show.
CHEKESHA: Besides the crazy challenges that we’re doing, it’s just really difficult to live with a group of people with so many different personalities. I grew up as an only child, so I’m not used to sharing things and having to work around people. But we’ve been doing crazy challenges, like dropping off buildings, flying planes, stuff that I’d never even imagine doing.
TIFFANY: Both of us are really competitive. We’re thinking about it way too much instead of just having fun with it. So, that’s kind of what’s stressful because it’s hard to have fun when you’re losing. To me, that’s about the only stressful thing ’cause I have a little brother, so I’ve grown up with being annoyed and loud people. My family is loud [laughs], so that’s nothing new to me.

How is it being in the car with each other for a long amount of time?
T: When we’re in New York, we’re pretty much together all the time anyway.
C: Me and her being together is easy. If I don’t want to hear her talk anymore, I would just close my eyes. Now that we’re in the same room, I just close my eyes [laughs].

Okay, so since the show is based around a road trip, let’s compile a playlist of today’s top songs. What five tracks would you have to have on there?
T: It’s so funny that you say that because, on the show, we can’t play any copy written music. We don’t even have our phones. In the car, it’s silence. Our music is each other and we just have to talk and find some way to entertain ourselves.
C: When you get in the car, that’s the first thing you do: buckle your seat belt and turn on the music! On road trips, I just put on my Destiny’s Child city and go HAM by myself [laughs].
T: Give me anything with Drake or Wayne and The Dream, I’m good. I think I drove from Houston to Miami and all I listened to is Drake and I was good.

Any other big names you’d have to listen to?
C: Kanye West, all his CD’s.
T: We love Rihanna. I like Chris Brown…and she hates The Weeknd, but I love him.
C: Yeah, I don’t like him.
T: She’s the only person in the world who doesn’t like The Weekend!
C: [Singing off key]