‘Escape Routes’ Stars Talk Sexiest NBA Players and Road Trip Playlist


[Laughs] We covered artists. Now, which particular songs would you have on the playlist?
T: I would say “Stay Scheming”! That’s our theme song for the show. We like Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk.”
C: What do we play every time and I get so crunk?
T: You get crunk to any song that comes on! Um, I feel like I need Wayne and Drake on there.

C: I like it, but it’s kind of played out right now. I like listening to Jeezy’s “Leave You Alone” right now.

Okay, two more.
T: I like “Crew Love” with Drake and The Weekend.
C: “Squares Out Your Circle.” We like that with Rocko and Future.
T: When we’re driving to like a meet and greet…
C: Which is not very often!
T: We turn the XM (radio) on and blast! We try to bust the speakers out the Ford Escape.

Living without music has got to be rough!
T: Exactly! They tried to trick us. They asked us what’s one thing we couldn’t live without at our interview in LA, and we’re like, ‘Our phones.’ Our phones have our music, we text, chat, tweet, all that on our phones, and we give up our phones every day.
C: They give us our [personal] phones for an hour at night, but we do have the production phones and iPads, so we can still get on Facebook and Twitter.

So you can still be interactive.
T: Yeah, they need us to tweet out to our fans and tweet out to our online followers. Their voting helps determine who wins the whole game.

Now, what deterred you two from playing ball? No WNBA dreams?
T: After I graduated, I actually went to play in Europe for a little bit. I mean, it was cool, but girls really aren’t respected on the court as much as guys are. As far as the money, girls don’t get paid as much as guys. Too, I feel like I’ve been playing for so long that my knees could go out, I could break something, and it would be a wrap. If I’m modeling, I’ll have all my bones and I could make more money doing something that I like equally, so I went ahead and made that transition. I hung up my hoopin’ shoes for stilettos.
C: My coach asked me to go overseas and play, but I was just kinda over it. I feel like I had done everything that I wanted to do as far as sports ’cause I played every sport. I started off in gymnastics, played volleyball, ran cross country, ran track, and I really wanted to do something else. At the same time, with me finishing basketball, that’s when I went to New York and got signed, so it’s like a dream I didn’t realize I had until I got a little bit earlier, so I just wanted to try that out.

Why do you think that women aren’t respected on the court?
T: Guys are more entertaining to watch, but girls are smarter on the court. Girls play strategic basketball. You know, people don’t want to see that; they want to see people dunk, do alley oop’s and all that stuff. I think that’s why we’re not quote unquote respected on the court.
C: WNBA players, they’re salaries starts off at 30-, 40-thousand dollars. Some people still have to have a job because that’s only three or four months.

Now with Britney Griner recently making some history, how do you feel about her and her skill set?
T: She’s a beast. My dad is an official, and he used to ref her ’cause she’s from Houston. I used to go to her games, and I knew she was going to be a beast in college.

Who would you say are the top female college basketball players right now, outside of Griner?
C: I don’t even watch college basketball.
T: We really don’t watch college basketball.
C: Only NBA [laughs].

Who do you think are the sexiest NBA players right now? Top three.
C: I’ve had a crush on Kobe since I was like 12 years old, [laughs] so I would definitely have to say Kobe Bryant is my sexiest. Two, I would say Rudy Gay, ’cause he’s right after Kobe for me. And I don’t even look at anybody else for real. [Long pause] I would say Dwight Howard is three. Put Kobe in bold, literally!
T: I have a huge crush on Courtney Lee. He plays for the Rockets. Um, I really like how he looks and how he plays. I like Dwight Howard, he’s cool. I used to have a crush on him before he had his second baby [laughs]. And then the third one? You know what? Let’s switch this. Two is Carmelo, but I know I can’t have him; La La already got him. I’ve had a crush on him since [he played at] Syracuse with the braids.

He broke a lot of women’s hearts when he got married [laughs].
T: He did. He broke mine! Then, I would say Dwight Howard. Make sure you put Courtney Lee in bold letters! [Laughs]

Are you ladies in relationships now?
Both: NOPE!
S: I’m single, and I haven’t had a man in like three years.
T: It’s been about two years since I’ve been in a relationships. So yeah, we’re both single and mingling. We’re having fun and letting whatever happens happen.

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