ESPN Columnist Sarah Phillips Is A Scam?


Wait. What?

According to a lengthy report posted by, ESPN’s Sarah Phillips, who was tapped to write for the sports outlet about a year ago, is a fraud.

The “22-year-old” college columnist first stirred speculation at, a gambling website, when photos she provided with her columns looked nothing like one another. Then, rumors starting brewing that Phillips wasn’t a real person at all, but instead a ghost writer.

Phillips did appear on video at one time for a LeBron James contest, but even that could have been a “staged person,” people say.

Now the truth has seemed to hit the fan, as ESPN has ended their relationship with Phillips.

From Rant Sports:

Phillips is known to have bought Twitter accounts under odd circumstances.

Her Sports Comedy Network thing has not gotten off the ground quite yet.

She has threatened legal action against those who try to call her on it.

There are two go getting individuals outside her address waiting for her to speak.

The true identity of the writer has yet to be revealed, but while that’s figured out, we have to wonder: why was she hired by ESPN executives without being met in person in the first place?

Read the full Deadspin story here. —Stephanie Long

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