Fashion Dare: Would You Rock Overalls?


Remember the 90s when the members of TLC made overalls look stylish in bold, bright colors in their “Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg” music video?  Rihanna decided to revive the trend for her Talk That Talk album art, and at Coachella this year, Erykah Badu performed songs in military-inspired overalls. I’m sure the last time you wore a pair of overalls was in elementary school or in the early 1990s.

This is one garment that isn’t known for having much sex appeal and can easily make you look like a cowgirl or gardener. But, overalls can be stylish if you know how to make this ensemble look modern.

Layer Under – You should wear something underneath your overalls to avoid looking farm-worker ready. Try layering with a breezy printed blouse or make it sexier with a bandeau top under those overall straps.

Fitted Silhouette – There are overalls with sleek and tapered silhouettes to showcase your curves.

More than Denim – When we think of overalls, we think denim. However, these strappy garments are available in leather, linen, vegan materials, cotton, or any other fabric you can think of.

Have Fun With Color – An overall can look like a jumpsuit in neons, pastels, or any other hue. Khaki and navy overalls tend to give off a toddler vibe and you do not want that.

Accessorize with Pumps – To make your overalls look more grown up, you should pair them with heels.

Overalls Can Be Dresses – The overall style isn’t just made with pants. You can always sport an overall dress in a mini or midi length.

Ladies, are you going to pick up a pair of overalls anytime soon?

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