On the Feet of New York: VIBE’s Weekly Kick Picks


Sneakerheads, we’re back! After a slight delay—this New York weather has been a trip!—we’re back to bringing you the hottest sneakers on the streets of NYC.

If this is you’re first time checking us out, VIBE Kick Picks is our weekly section of the site dedicated exclusively to sneakers—and the people that love ‘em! Every week, we’ll be all around NYC to find the most exclusive, rare, deadstock, dirty-with-a-story-to-tell, dopest sneakers hitting the pavement.

This week, Midtown was our mission. From Times Square to 59th & Lexington, we found some pretty cool sneakers. Here’s the first sneaker story of the week:

The Shoe: Nike Dunk (Undefeated)

The Sneakerhead: Aaron, Urban Outfitters

The Story: “I got them because it’s a really unique colorway.”