French Baller Nic Wise Puts Joakim Noah on Blast


As the story goes, University of Arizona guard-turned-French-baller Nic Wise was trying to text Amanda, who turned out to be the girlfriend of Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah.

Though the relationship is unclear, Wise got a response from Noah saying, “This her phone but this Joakim Noah Amanda’s dude but how you meet her bruh.”

Wise let his followers in on the convo by taking a screen shot of the text and posting it on Twitter with the message: “Fellas this is a NONO lol. I know he did not just txt me from his girl phone,” even trying to get the hashtag #HowYouMeetHerBruh trending.

But it looks as if Wise made a smart move and tweeted his apologies Tuesday. @TheNicWise: “Woke up feeling bad smh. Apologies to @JoakimNoah,” to which Noah might have responded “@JoakimNoah: I understand….”

Our question is: Why does Noah have his girl’s phone, though?

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