Friends With (Revoked) Benefits: 5 Ways To Put An F-Bud Back In The Friend Zone


From WWMD — Some of us (and you know who you are) have taken the term “BFF” out of context. Yup, that clumsy lust has gotten you into quite the compromised position: you accidently love up a homie and now are stuck wallowing in the awkward aftermath of your libido collision. Do you see why that Chazeen girl stresses the importance of a Back-Up Guy? Yup, you guessed it, to keep you from doing the Lumbada (among other forbidden dances) with best friends and regrettable rebounds. Like a good pal, he or she is always there for you at your most vulnerable. Unfortunately, always also happens to constitute interims between qualifiable back-up guys, the tender hour of a post-break-up period, and some times even in the dead of night when wolves and loins howl at the moon. Yes, like State Farm, a true friend is always there.

And depending on the magnitude of desperation, depravation, or devastation you were in, you may very well rationalize a quite logical reason to jump ship and take a quick leap out of the friendzone: Caring is sharing, things won’t get weird, it’s just “sex,” it’s okay because I’m doing it with someone I care about and know well, or other comparable malarkey. But alas, anyone who has ever slapped more than a hi-5 against a good friend has learned that sex can stain a pristine friendship, and make things at the very least, undeniably different between you two.

And depending on how desirable of a sex machine you are, he or she may attempt to tug on those strings you guys swore were not going to attach.

1.  Have An Awkward Conversation

Like as soon as possible. Especially if you guys have accidently done it more than once. And not that quick breathy conversation that takes place during accidental foreplay, where you both decide while unzipping your Levis what your committing is a safe move. No, the conversations directly before, immediately after, and most importantly during sex, are all bullsh*t. Sex talk is over-inflated with endorphin juice and holds little to no credibility in the post-nut material world. Your conversation, should happen when the air is honest and sober. Address the fact that you two have dirty danced and you are bothered by the shift in your friendship. Sometimes, the other person may not necessarily be as irked by the situation. In that event, having what feels like an awkward conversation to only yourself is still beneficial, because your issue has still been addressed. It might take some time, but this is the first step back toward the friend zone. Forward march.

2.  After Wiping Down, Throw In The Towel

Yes, young lover, quit while you’re ahead. Whether it was one messy night, a casual here-and-there romp, or a full on affair, you’ve got to truly quit sexxin if you want a sturdy repair job. I understand that this may be quite the feat, especially if your friend’s craftsmanship is some type of wonderful (smdh… I hurt for you). Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter, if you two are not planning to develop into a real relationship, salvage the real relationship you already share. If you choose to carry on, you’re playing with fire and should opt to throw some cold water on the smoky situation, as well as yourselves.

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