Get To Know Your Race-Baiters: Fred N. Davis, III


Perhaps you’ve been following today’s story in which a vitriolic race-baiting ad campaign, sponsored by the founder of TD Ameritrade Joe Ricketts was leaked to the New York Times. The guy who made the ad is named Fred N. Davis, III. He’s on Twitter, but his tweets are protected. He also is following only two people, has tweeted 80 times and has no followers. This was intriguing, so I read more about him.

Davis’ firm, Strategic Perception, Inc, is known for producing controversial videos for conservative candidates. On Strategic Perception’s website, he runs a quote by the late Steve Jobs, who donated thousands of dollars to the very candidates Davis was trying to defeat.

He also writes in a section entitled the “Unusual History of Fred Davis,” “Some of his candidates fell short (some by just a handful of votes), but Davis,” he writes in the third-person, “enabled them to cut through the clutter with images of a Rod Blagojevich wig on the Illinois capitol, Tim James bringing some common sense on the use of English in Alabama and Karen Handel attempting to shake up the “good ol’ boys” in Georgia. And what campaign cycle is complete without a video of a pompous U.S. Senator morphing into a bulbous blimp?” Good job, Fred N. Davis, III.

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