‘G.I. Joe Retaliation’ to Be 3-D, Pushed Back to 2013

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The sequel to G.I. Joe has been pushed back!

G.I. Joe Retaliation
, which was set to premiere June 29, will now be released March 29, 2013.

Paramount has opted to delay the film in order to convert it to 3-D in an effort to increase box office sales.

“We’re going to do a conscientious 3-D job, because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally,” a studio executive told MTV News. “Jim Cameron did all of ‘Titanic’s’ 3-D in post — and look how well that movie turned out.”

With The Avengers soaring in box office sales and the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises, the film would have had some pretty stiff competition.