Good Girl, Gone Forever?


With Rihanna it’s always something new, every day, and it’s getting old. Be it Chris Brown referring to her as a bad fur (”Don’t f— with my old bitch, it’s like a bad fur / Every industry n—– done had her), frisky Instagram photos at strip clubs, smoking weed at Coachella with Snoop or off the head of someone in her camp or Meek Mill tweeting that he let her “watch da’ throne,” one thing is for sure: her public image is losing in every situation.

I think to myself, ‘I really like Rihanna and I hope this editorial doesn’t ruin my chances of sleeping with her if she were to read it,’ then I remember that she doesn’t give a f—, or at least that’s what she wants the media to believe. Since she has decided to “talk that talk,” nothing positive has happened, aside from making a few best dressed lists and a few more number 1 hits. What has happened is that she appears to be “the one” that every dude in the industry has their eyes and/or hands on.

At this point, we really don’t know if it’s all a facade or if she is really a bad girl who is promiscuous and letting everyone eat her cake. With all the recent press, photos and tweets, I choose to go with the latter and await her long overdue sextape to drop.

I once believed that she wasn’t spiraling out of control but making well-calculated decisions to continue her success. Now I’m not so sure. When grown rich men begin publicly battling over a girl, it leads me to believe that the raunchy photos and lyrics are a true reflection of her daily life. Like they say, once a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever.