Great White Shark Attacks Man on Kayak in California


A real life Jaws situation may be happening in sunny California.

Over the weekend, a kayak-er in Cambria, CA says a 14-foot great white shark flipped and knocked him out of his kayak.

“I got hit from underneath and started coming up out of the water,” Joey Nocchi told the San Luis Obispo Tribune. “My buddies said I came out of the water 4 to 5 feet—it flipped me over the side. The shark rolled the whole kayak over, rolled me out of it, and he went over the top of it. He swam across me—his tail touched me.”

“The shark came all the way out of the water, jaws open, extra eyelids closed like they do when they’re making a kill strike,” one of his buddies said, according to Nocchi.

The man says he was simply out on the water fishing and enjoying the day.

“I swam back as fast as I could and got back on the back of the kayak. I didn’t even think to turn it back over. I did, and I got back to shore as fast as I could, even though the kayak was taking on a bunch of water.” The bite appears to be “around 20 inches long, more than 22 inches wide,” Nocchi added.

Watch out!

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