Guest Editor: Waka Flocka Doesn’t Read Gossip Blogs, Hates Reality TV


Guest Editor Waka Flocka explains why he doesn’t read gossip blogs

“I don’t be reading no blogs,, none of that. I saw some lame shit on there and I ain’t never went back. But I can’t lie some of that shit be convincing–the way they put it together. I even hate reality TV. To me reality TV is like embarrassing. They only sell shit that make you look stupid. They tried to give me and Gucci a reality show. I just couldn’t do it. Get the fuck out of here.”[Laughs]

“I just be making my records. And really, I don’t really do a lot of guest verses for people like that. I turn down mad shit. Sometimes it ain’t even about the bread. If I do a feature now, it’s probably somebody you haven’t even heard of. “