Guest Editor: Waka Flocka Explains Why He Doesn’t Want to Get Married


Waka Flocka may portray a wildboy lifestyle but he’s really just looking for a Southern bell to call his own. In a revealing moment, Flocka told VIBE VIXEN’s Niki McGloster what he’s really looking for in the opposite sex.

“Most girls can’t handle my lifestyle. Women are jealous, period. They can’t stand not seeing you for 2-3 weeks, than see pictures of you with girls on the road. That’s when the ego comes in, and I’m only after grown women.

“I don’t even like the gulliest groupies. People see me and think I got the the wildest chicks but I’m not really into that. Nah, shorty.”

“I don’t believe in getting married. It’s like for what. What does a piece of paper do? How does some ring and gold tell me you’re going to be with me forever. So I’m going to waste 50-60 thousand, 20-30 for a ring, and whatever else that might last 1, 2 years. Man, please. A girl don’t have to have money for me to be into her. She has to have potential, though. I want a girl with drive.”