Hollering At Him 101: 7 Moves He Swears Will Kill Ya Game



So I’m a serial hollerer and darn proud of it. My theory… it’s like grocery shopping: See what ya like and go for it before it’s all gone. Nothing sucks more than knowing you let that fine guy and all his great qualities slip through your fingers because you didn’t have the guts to approach him. Talk about #fail.

One’s argument could be “Well if he didn’t approach me then he probably wasn’t interested,” but that’s not always the case. Peep my friend Devin’s thoughts below:

“We may not approach you for a number of reasons. You may be with a bunch of girls and or with a squad of guys. I’m not walking into that. Most men won’t”

I know we like to believe that men are the initiators but here’s a secret… they get shy too. I know, semi SMH but hey, if you’re a bad chick, take it as a compliment. Doesn’t make him any less of a man. Once again, it just makes you One BADDD Chick!

Now a lot of women have asked me about my approach when “hollering.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If he’s attracted to you, it doesn’t really matter what you say. Many men say that if a female is attractive, her  number-bagging approach will most likely work. So go on…talk about anything: “How’s the weather outside?” ” Do you come here often?” Lol. Ok. Not those lines exactly but you get my point. Just start conversation. It’s not that serious. Just don’t think too hard.  If you think too hard, you may end up  fitting into this category of not so successful chicks…

“Bad chicks can’t do anything they want. They got rope but sometimes they hang themselves with it” – Tye, 28