How Snatching Weaves Has Actually Turned Into An Illegal Business


Let’s face it: a great weave does not come from a $20 pack bought at the beauty supply store and it definitely does not cost an additional $20 to sew in. If you’re trying to get a voluminous look like the one to the right, you will be spending your hard-earned money and a lot of it. We all saw Good Hair and through it, we learned that the weave business is bigger than we ever imagined. It makes sense that extensions are more popular than ever.

This popularity has reached its pinnacle, even garnering an article in the New York Times, but there is nothing positive about the latest development in the weave business. The article profiled the alarming number of thefts occurring at black hair salons all across the country. The covetable items being stolen? Human hair, Remy specifically.

Allegedly, thieves give synthetic hair the once over and pass it by along with valuables including cash registers, stereo systems, televisions and much more. This isn’t a total surprise as Remy is the most expensive kind of hair and the best-looking, thus insuring a good sale for this new gang of weave wielders.

Cities all across the nation have experienced these type of thefts from Houston to San Leandro. One beauty shop supplier was killed in Michigan due to this heinous type of crime. Another case occurred in which a 16 year-old girl used pepper spray on a clerk to run away with her hair extensions without paying for them. In other salons, an upwards of $90,000 worth of Remy hair has been stolen.

“It’s sort of a sign of the times. Folks are being entrepreneurial, and weaves and hair extensions are expensive, so it’s not surprising that people sell hair the way they sell things on Canal Street, like knock-off purses,” said Dr. Neal Lester, an English professor at Arizona State University. With the advent of weave theft, the phrase “snatching weaves” has taken on a new and dangerous meaning.

What do you think of this recent uptick in crime due to stolen human hair? Should we reconsider our hair choices in order to avoid violence? Did you ever think it would come to this?

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