IBM Bans Siri From the Workplace


IBM has reportedly banned the use of the iPhone 4S voice recognition service Siri.

IBM Chief Information Officer Jeanette Horan broke the news earlier this week speaking with MIT’sTechnology Review, saying that the destination for outgoing search inquiries could be a concern. When people ask Siri a question the data is sent to Apple’s facility in Maiden, North Carolina … after that, no one knows what the company does with the date, and that alarms IBM workers because Apple could be storing their information on their servers.

Apple doesn’t say for how long data is stored or who is able to access it, but Horan has made it pretty clear that the company is “extraordinarily conservative.” Edward Wrenbeck, original Siri developer, stated that he doesn’t think they have anything to worry about, “People are already doing things on these mobile devices. Maybe Siri makes their life a little bit easier, but it’s not exactly opening up a new avenue that wasn’t there before.”

Do you think it’s possible for Siri to be loose with her lips?

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