Introducing Acura NSX Avenged


Acura’s latest concept steals spotlight from the Germans.

Iron Man Audi, ay Big Sean? The Detroit-bred MC may have been too busy writing bars to catch an advance screening of The Avengers; cause that burgundy ‘vert coupe piloted by Tony Stark? Yeah you saw right, the billionaire crime-fighter was back in an ‘Ac.

For those steeped in automotive gossip, the changeup came as no surprise. But for those that don’t follow road rumors and reveals like the Kardashians, the news is still quite thrilling. Acura’s NSX – the modern day classic supercar from Honda’s luxury leg – is finally getting a complete overhaul.

Officially unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and publicized in that (now somewhat controversial) Super Bowl ad, the NSX (New Sportscar eXperimental) concept is officially off to its final production stages, to be built in the US and due at dealerships sometime during 2015 – coincidentally the same timeframe an Avengers sequel is scheduled to drop.

Though it’s a bit early to speculate on horsepower, Acura has commented that the refresh will be driven by a hybrid powertrain. And while that may make you purists green with disgust, don’t expect some underachieving tree-hugger. Like the original, the new NSX’s rear wheels will receive power via a mid-mounted VTEC V6, while the fronts will now spark instantly into action from a pair of electric motors. Just don’t get too hung up on the idea of a drop. Right now, production plans center more around the finalized concept, a hardtop coupe; so don’t drop them lyrics too hastily, fellas!