Iron Man 3 Villain Revealed?

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The upcoming Iron Man 3 movie already has people guessing who the new villains could be.

Filming began last week and several photos have leaked to the Internet. The photos show a “patriot” look-alike to Iron man as a possible nemesis.

Cinema Online Reports:

The photo that has since gone viral, shows that the Marvel villain Iron Patriot from the “Dark Avengers” arc, would be making an appearance in the triquel.Sources indicate that the suit was worn by actor James Badge Dale, who is set to play Eric Savin, a lieutenant colonel who was severely injured by a landmine and installed with cybernetics to be renamed as Coldblood.In the Marvel universe, Iron Patriot was the name given to Norman Osborn; a villain in Spiderman. Although there are speculations that Iron Patriot’s appearance might tie the Iron Man and Spiderman franchises together, it is unlikely unless a special deal is made, as Sony owns all the rights to the Spiderman property, while Disney/Walt owns the rights to Iron Man.

Look out for the film to hit theaters in May 2013.