Is J Lo Tricking or Upgrading Casper Smart?


For a while there it was looking like J Lo had lost her mind. She very well still may have but at least now she seems to be learning how to make a little return on her investment—investment being boy toy Casper Smart.

I think Jenny from the Block read up on that parable, give a man a fish, you feed him for one day; teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime, because after giving Casper lots of expensive fish in the form of high-end vacations, brand new cars, and allowances, Jennifer Lopez is teaching Casper how to feed himself for a lifetime and make his own money—sort of. First Jennifer promoted her man to choreographer for her upcoming tour, which yeah, still equals money coming out of her pocket. But she also sold a reality TV series to Oxygen based around his promotion and hipping her and her dancers into shape which means Mr. Smart will finally start getting a check that’s not on her payroll. Cha-ching! Now both Jenny and Casper are benefitting from this relationship monetarily which is a much needed change.