Is J Lo Tricking or Upgrading Casper Smart?


I know, men do it all the time. “It aint trickin’ if you got it” is the lifestyle every rapper is about but J lo has been doing a lot more than buying an expensive handbag and getting a girl’s hair done every week. Casper has been by her side practically every where she goes besides the American Idol stage, even on vacay with her kids. Considering she’s supposed to be getting around to divorcing Marc Anthony soon, but still has not, it’s been looking like Jenny fell head over heels for the first man she could find who wasn’t her husband. And since we know she can’t stand to be alone, we’ve all gotten the feeling she doesn’t mind paying for her company. Sure she’s loaded but at 42 she’s not going to be able to milk this singing career for much longer which means she might want to scale back on these gifts a bit or tell ol’ boy to get a job that doesn’t involve her shelling out cash.

Casper’s still flying on J Lo’s coattails with this Oxygen deal but it has the potential to help establish him a little bit more as his own man so that when Jenny dumps him and moves on to the next he can still have a leg to stand on. I’m sure that’s not necessarily her goal. She might just be tired of being the only one paying for everything and figures he owes her. Either way shout out to her for finally getting her head out of the clouds and being about her business. If you’re gonna trick on a man, you better upgrade him for your long-term benefit.

Do you think this reality show is a good look for J Lo and Casper?