Is Jackie Chan Quitting Action Films?

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You probably never thought you’d live to see this, but Jackie Chan says he’s saying goodbye to action films.

At the premiere of his 100th flick Chinese Zodiac Friday, the Rush Hour star told reporters, including TMZ, that he wants to retire the martial arts to become “the Asian Robert De Niro.”

“This will be my last action movie,” the 58 year-old said. “I am not young anymore. I am really, really tired.”

Chan, who’s been known for performing his own stunts for years, also wants to shed his image. “I want to get rid of my image. So for the last ten years I’ve done other films like ‘The Karate Kid’ where I’d rather play an old man,” he said. “I want the audience to know I’m not just about fighting or comedy, also I can act.”

We’ll be the judge when Chan’s non-action 101st movie is released.

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