Jadakiss Talks Upcoming Album, His Kids, New Mixtape and More


It was quite the eventful day when Jadakiss hung out on Shade 45’s #SwayInTheMorning. He begins by breaking down the appropriateness of freestyling vs. writing rhymes—then explains why every rapper needs a battle… or two.

He proceeds to talk about his kids effecting his music and how to keep his personal life out the lime light. Watch below as Jadakiss takes us back to 2001 to reminisce on Kiss Tha Game Goodbye and even mentions his desire to do voice-overs for kids movies.

Did we also mention that he freestyles acapella, and performs “Without You” and “Cuz We Paid” off the Consignment in #SwayInTheMorning’s In-Studio Concert Series?

Performing “Without You”:

Performing “Cuz We Paid”:


Thoughts on rappers battling:

Talks creative process of Kiss Tha Game Goodbye:

Writing vs. Freestyling:

Desire to voice-overs for movies:

How his kids affect his music: