Janet Jackson Returns to Spotlight, Says She’ll Start Producing Films


Janet Jackson appeared in top form as the Keszler Gallery in New York City Thursday night (May.10). Ms. Jackson strutted her stuff at the Marco Glaviano “Supermodels” gallery opening. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling photos of barely clothed beauties, the only figure attracting all the attention belonged to Ms. Jackson.

Rocking a glamorous black and gold Alexander McQueen jacket and a pair of Louboutin heels, there’s no doubt that Janet’s absence from the limelight was well spent in sculpting her body through Nutrisystem’s weight loss program. However, she says it wasn’t difficult because there weren’t any cheat foods she had to stay away from. “That’s the weird part about it, NutriSystem has so much,” she told VIBE, saying there something for junk foodies, vegetarians and meat lovers, a rare diet formula. “If I wanted a cookie, it was there. If there was ice cream, they had that. I love Snickers and they had a bowl that tasted exactly like Snickers.”

As far as new music from Ms. Jackson, she says it’s still in the preliminary stages with no deadline or pressure. “Exactly when, I don’t know,” she said. “I’m still in the beginning stages of putting it together and concepts.” When it comes to other artists on the scene, she did say she enjoys listening to talents such as Adele and Bruno Mars. “I love Bruno Mars. He’s so talented but lowkey about it.”

The New York Times bestselling author has also swept bookshelves with her memoir “True You” but is now shifting her attention to goals outside of music. “I’m gonna start producing films,” she said. “I just did a deal with Lionsgate (in 2011) and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m finally getting around to the things I’ve wanted to do.”

Like her next album, the singer/actress-turned-film producer is still tight-lipped on details. “Nothing’s etched in stone. I just know it’s gonna be intriguing.”

When I asked renowned photographer Marco, who met Janet through mutual friends and discovered she was a fan of his work, if Janet would be in one of his exhibits any time soon, he said, “Yes but not like this,” referring to the near naked bodies on the wall. “It’ll be very different.”

And with Janet, you can always expect that.