Jeans for Every Body Shape


Curvy: Boot cut and Flare Jeans

Want to balance out your hips and create a natural hourglass shape? You need boot cut jeans and flare jeans. You want to look for boot cut jeans that sit below the waist and gives the illusion of a slim thigh. For flare jeans, you want to look for a modern day wide bottom shape that will sit below the waist and breaks below the knee into a flattering flare.

Petite: Legging Jeans

If you want to make your legs look longer, you should look for a jean with a legging silhouette. Look for jeans constructed with stretch denim that will sit below the wait with a skinny fir from the hips to full length bottom.

All Body Shades: Skinny Jeans and Cropped JeansĀ 

Skinny jeans can be worn on almost all body types. You want to pick skinny jeans that compliment your shape and are not too tight. If you are curvy, you want to avoid fitted tops paired with skinny jeans because it will cut your shape in half in the wrong way.

Cropped jeans look great on petite or tall women. Cropped jeans highlight your ankles and calves. You want to look for a modern cropped jean that sits below the waist with a slim fit within the hips and hits just below the calf.
What are your favorite type of jeans to wear?

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