Kanye West Rants About Men’s Fashion


Kanye West let out what he “don’t like” about men’s fashion a few days ago (May 5) via Twitter. The G.O.O.D. music head traveled only five blocks (with Kim K, maybe?) and found seven things he detests about men’s style choices, including R&B beards, khaki trench coats and hoodies.

However “snobbish” he claims to be, Mr. West is actually pretty well-versed in fashion and less-than-sartorially sound men should take notes. Since storming on the scene, the Chi-town emcee has been a staple for what men should wear, even if he rocks a kilt. He’s even been painfully open about his affinity for women’s clothes, creating two semi-successful collections of Dw, his women’s clothing line.

As always, we can count on the Louis Vuitton Don telling us just how he feels.