Karrueche Gets a Tat On Her Finger Just Like Rihanna


C. Breezy’s got a thing for finger tattoos—or either he inspires his ladies to get one. Rihanna’s “shhhh” tattoo has become symbolic for how she’d probably prefer the media and the public to react to her past (and speculative present) relationship with Chris Brown, but now Karrueche Tran has some ink tatted on one of her fingers that may be a little more significant.

Today pics popped up of Chris’s girlfriend with the word promise tatted on the inside of her pinky finger. Though we’d definitely think wedding bells were in the near future if this tat was on her ring finger, we’re wondering if this location is symbolic of some sort of pinky swear promise to be faithful to Chris despite the rumors that follow them wherever they go. Though it seems like a big deal, it really pales in comparison to the tat of Karrueche’s face that Breezy’s been sporting for a while so we’ll give her a pass on this as we thank the celebrity God’s she didn’t get his name on her. We just hope Rihanna handles the news well. After being hospitalized for the flu/exhaustion last weekend and unfollowing Chris over his “Theraflu” remix, we’re not sure how much more her little heart can take.

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