Katy Perry Is Officially Single!


Katy Perry is officially single again!

Sources say the singer has split from former boyfriend, Rob Ackroyd. She was romantically kinked to the Florence + the Machine guitarist — who she met at last month’s Coachella Music Festival.

A source close to Katy said: “The main thing which led to her split with Russell was spending the majority of her marriage to him on tour and she said dating Rob felt like being with ­Russell all over again. It’s a shame as they both liked each other but Katy wants to be able to have a relationship with someone she isn’t constantly having to work out what time zone they’re in.
Rob was gutted but Katy said she didn’t want to get in too deep and then break his heart so it was best to cut things off before they got serious.”

Apparently, even her close friends were shocked at the news.

The source added to the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Rob was the first guy Katy had been with since splitting from Russell. She was still extremely fragile but had told pals their two weekends at Coachella together made her feel ‘sexy and alive’ again. Even when Rob left to continue touring ­America with Florence they would speak on the phone up to three times a day and she’d be constantly texting him.”

Katy Perry performs “Wide Awake” at the 2012 Billboard Awards