Kendrick Lamar Talks Working With Dr. Dre and Snoop, Favorite Female Artists and More


In a recent interview with Wild 94.9 radio, Kendrick Lamar dished about his studio sessions with Dr. Dre and Snoop.

“It’s crazy. It makes you up your game for sure,” said Kendrick on working with Dr. Dre. “When you get out that studio and you gotta do your own thing, it makes you want to step it up all the way cause that dude is a perfectionist. He has the same passion as a young, hungry artist. Dr. Dre done sold millions, worked with the best artists– he don’t need for nothing but still goes in there and got that drive and that’s the dopest part about it.”

He went on to describe one of his craziest moments in the studio. “Snoop walked in my first session with him and Dre,” he said. “It’s crazy because the same way I looked at them growing up, seeing them on TV, they got that same chemistry. Like Snoop is the wild little homie and Dre is the big homie sitting back like ‘no!'”

The California rapper also spoke about his studio sessions with J.Cole and Meek Mill, listed some of his favorite female artists and who he’d like to work with and ended by answering a few questions about his sex life.

Watch the full interview below.