Kevin McCall Talks ‘Naked,’ Debut Album And ‘Fan of a Fan 2′


After breaking out with his memorable contributions on Chris Brown’s chart-topping single “Deuces,” Kevin McCall has left the behind the scenes action and is now bringing his artistry to the forefront. As a multi-faceted producer/songwriter, his songwriting and production credits run deep, but now he is ready to put his own aptitude for singing and rapping on display. With his new single “Naked” out and an album on the way, the California artist is continuing to make a name for himself and showing everybody who Kevin McCall really is. K-Mac recently dished to VIBE on his upcoming debut album, new single and Chris Brown and Tyga’s Fan of a Fan 2.

VIBE: You’ve got your single “Naked” out right now. When can we expect an album?
Kevin McCall: We’re gonna see how this record does. I believe it’s gonna do very, very well. Hopefully it does so well that it makes us push the album up because I was expecting early next year but I think with the single doing well is gonna cause us to push it up so that’s what I’m hoping for.

What direction would you like to go with the album?
I would say the overall direction is heavily R&B driven. I’m gonna showcase my singing abilities, my writing abilities and also my production. I kinda just want to let people see who Kevin McCall is in all areas of music.

So no rapping? Or a little bit?
Definitely rapping. I missed that one. Cause that’s how I was first introduced. I was rapping on “Deuces” so I’m gonna continue.

Will there be another mixtape in between?
Yea I’m thinking about doing a new LP. I have a couple of ideas going for it. I believe it’s very important to put out mixtapes in between to keep up the relevancy of an artist because everyone has such short attention spans these days. I’m definitely – For my fans because they support me so much, I’m gonna give them another LP, about six songs. They can expect that soon. I’m also gonna be working on the Fan of a Fan 2 with Chris and Tyga.

Are you going to be on it in terms of songwriting and producing or are you gonna be featured on it like you were the last time?
Well the last time, I wrote on it, produced on it, sang on it and rapped on it. I did all of those things. I was not as known because I was a newcomer. You know “Deuces” is from Fan of a Fan. “No BS” is from Fan of a Fan. I was featured on “No BS.” A lot of people don’t know that.

Have you guys started working on it already? Or is it just getting ready to be in the works?
It’s gonna be in the works because we can always go in the vault and pull out new songs that we’ve never released. But I think we wanna give ‘em something really new. It’s all gonna be new to them anyway. We wanna vibe off of current events going on Today. Tyga’s really hot right now, Chris is really, really hot right now so I think we want to use that energy and create some new stuff.

So there’s no idea of when it’s gonna be released?
I have no clue. Whenever they call me in, I’m gonna be ready to work.

So are you gonna be doing the same thing on Fortune? Will you have any features on Chris’ Fortune album?
Besides the “Strip” record, you might see me a couple more times on the album. I definitely did a lot of writing. I did some production. I think the overall product of the album is something new and innovative. I believe Chris is gonna set a high standard for R&B music and pop music with this album.

What was it like transitioning from behind-the-scenes to blowing up with “Deuces”?
You know, with “Deuces” it was like an overnight type thing. I wasn’t really prepared for it because I was still living in a poor area, didn’t have much money. But I was on TV. It was kind of like a Cinderella story, a male version though. I would go and be with all the celebrities doing red carpets and then I would come back home to Watts, to my grandmother’s house telling stories of who I was with and they didn’t believe me. Once the video came out, they saw that it was true. Now I’m at a point in my life where I’m really blessed. I’m songwriting and producing for a number of artists and I’m able to support my family. It’s a great feeling.

You said you were writing for a number of artists. Who are you writing for besides Chris?
Besides Chris, I’m trying to work with Ciara. She’s about to make a killer comeback, so her. I’m working with 2 Chainz. Me and him have a song together for my album. It’s real crazy, just rapping crazy on it. He’s really, really hot right now in the streets and the hip hop community. Tank, I’ve done a lot of work on his album. His first single “Next Breath” is a song I wrote. Just showing people that me and Chris might write about “No Bs” and all this other stuff but we can write real love songs too that women really gravitate to and can play at their weddings. Stuff like that.

You talked about who you’re working with right now but do you have anybody that you’re hoping to work with?
It’s a stretch but I would love to work with Adele. Just the way that she wrote a ballad and it took over the radio in a time where it’s all club music and pop music. I respect her for that and I’m a huge fan. I would also like to work with Missy Elliott because she was one of the first MCs to have that character in her raps. So, I would love to work with her and have some of that creativity rub off on me. That would be an honor. And of course Kanye and Jay-Z . I would love to work with them. I have some stuff ready for them too.

What inspired “Naked”?
There was a young producer/songwriter named David Wade, he came on the record and by the time the hook came in, I was like “this is nice.” It kind of reminds me of “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake. I just felt like it was really young and fresh and something different than what everybody else was doing. So, I had to go in on it and put my little twist on it. It came out great. We went and got Big Sean, that took it to the next level. Shout out to Big Sean for blessing me with that verse.

Was he the first person that you wanted on it?
We shopped it around a little big and played around with a lot of ideas and he was the person I felt was best for it, not just cause he’s hot right now. I had that relationship with him and he’s hot right now. He’s like really hot and he brought youthfulness to the record. Because when people hear the word naked, it’s like almost a taboo word. He kind of takes some of the edge off of it with his playful—he has kind of a playful approach to music and he made it extra fun.

What can we expect from the rest of your solo work?
You’re gonna hear definitely a lot more R&B and you’re gonna hear songs that show a vulnerable side of me, where men don’t like to go but I think it’s something women want to see more in us men and see how we feel on an emotional side. I’m gonna explore that in my music as well.

Is there anything else that we haven’t discussed that you’d like to add?
The video [Naked] should be out soon. It was directed by Chris Brown himself and Godfrey Tabarez and riveting entertainment. It’s gonna throw people off—Not throw ‘em off, but throw ‘em by surprise with how good it looks and how we played off the word naked in an artistic way. We’re in an art gallery, we all have on suits. It’s pretty high class.

Sounds intriguing and definitely sounds like Chris got his hands on it with the art and everything.
He’s really a—People don’t even begin to know how talented he is. Especially his artistic vision. I’m really impressed every time. I hope some of that rubs off on me. As he’s creating a song, he already has the video done and I think that’s very special.