Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Acts Defiant in 9/11 Hearing


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, confessed 9/11 mastermind, along with his four accomplices, were non-cooperative while on trial this past weekend.

Stepping foot in the courtroom for the first time in three years, the five defendants refused to answer questions and caused the proceedings to last 13 hours.

“All five of them were defiant,” said CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford who was in the Guantanamo courtroom. “They were dismissive. They refused to answer repeated questions from the judge,” Crawford said. “They wouldn’t even look at the judge when he asked them questions. They looked down, flipped through magazines or even read the Koran.”

Their previous 2008 court proceedings were overcome with outbursts against America, however, their new silent approach is believed to be simply another method for Mohammed to attempt to maintain control.

“He is somebody who’s got a big ego,” said CBS News senior correspondent John Miller. “He’s a bit of a control freak,” Miller said Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “What you’re seeing in that courtroom… he is going to continue to try to orchestrate drama throughout that trial.”