Kim Kardashian Challenges the Tanorexic Mom, Tweets New Look


We all know Kim Kardashian loves herself some attention and she knows just the way to get it. The reality star channeled Patricia “Tanning Mom” Krentcil, mother who has been in the headlines for allegedly taking her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning bed, and tweeted a photo of her new “temporary” look.

She tweeted a picture of herself in a full on bronze tan, stating “The tannerexic mom has some serious competition!!! LOL.” Like most news surrounding her, it stirred up some reactions from her followers prompting her to send a clarification tweet, “Relax that’s just a spray tan!!! It washed off & I’m back to my normal tan self! But how crazy does it look after being on for 8 hours!”

Sighs..hopefully one day Kim will make the headlines for something other than her looks.