Lessons From Tameka Raymond


From WWMD — Being in touch with your emotions is great. Being in touch with your emotional, wild mongoose of an ego is not so great.

Many of us have a Miss Hyde skulking beneath our skin ready to wave the ratcheterican flag high in the name of cheap vengeance. Hello, Hyde, how art thou? Friends, promise me, yourself, that you’ll only look at the b-tch and never touch. Moooost especially when it comes to the politics of love and lust, because if there’s anything worse than her lowness showing face during your relationship, it’s her showing face during your post-relationship. You know, like Tameka Time-To-Revert-Back-To-Foster Raymond.

This week Usher‘s ex-wife gifted the blogs with some tasty fodder when video was released of Ursh reaching for some courtroom Kleenex while detailing his latest fairy fail run-in with the mother of his children. Their time together, although short, included some pretty edutataining antics from Tameka’s end including, but not limited to:

- hitting her ex
– spitting at her ex’s new darling
– physically attacking her ex’s new darling
– threatening the well-being of her ex’s new darling
– throwing a plate full of delicious food at her ex’s moving vehicle

Goodness sheesh, someone’s endorphin levels need a bolster!

Now I can’t say I was completely smh’d out, because about a year and a half ago, I interviewed Tameka during her tamer days though it was pretty evident that her Miss Hyde was quietly nibbling on something bitter. But evidently that nibble has turned into a savage gobble ticked by what I’d guess to be a combo of unresolved closure, old-fashioned envy, and some other beneath the ‘net drama TMZ’s currently hounding down.

Now in an attempt to save any potential Tameka-in-the-makings from exercising severely poor ex etiquette, (prevention plan > damage control, sons) I’ve done you the favor of listing five symptoms of a tempestuous tipping point in the near distance. Recognize the signs yo and dodge the storm.

1.) You E-Stalk Him On The Daily
Seems harmless at first, a little check up here, a little f-ck were you doing this weekend snooping there, but this is really a half-assed version of letting go. Like a recovering alcoholic who insists on visiting his favorite bar just to gaze up at the liquor bottles. This habit will most certainly lead to subconscious glorification and guess what else? Obsession. Woo, what a word. I’ve most definitely been guilty of this in the past and it can take painful self-discipline, but remind yourself to be the stalker of your own damn life. Scrolling his Twitter feed everyday for subliminal messages is not a high-paying gig mi ladies. 

2.) You E-Stalk His New Gal On The Daily
See above, multiply danger level by 10.

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