McDonald’s Vandalized for Messing Up Cheeseburgers


McDonald’s is definitely on media panic alert. Following their terrible fried roach incident, the fast food chain is the source of more bad news.

In Tennessee 2 disgruntled customers reportedly vandalized and damaged property because they were unhappy with the way their cheeseburgers came out. Christopher Slate, 21, and Sean Mosey, 23, of Murfreesburo were angry after their sandwiches contained “too many onions.”

The boneheads drove back home and loaded up on booze before returning to the restaurant to “throw bricks through windows and hurl a large chunk of concrete through the drive-thru, which shattered the glass and cut up an employee’s arm.”

Police apprehended the men shortly after a brief foot chase. Mosely was unable to get up after falling down.

Both suspects are facing felony reckless endangerment and vandalism and are also facing charges of public intoxication,