Meet Rob Evans, The New Judge on America’s Next Top Model


Tyra Banks just gave us one reason to keep watching America’s Next Top Model in the form of eye candy. Suddenly, we’re not so mad she let Nigel Barker, Miss J, and Jay Manuel go because she’s given us something tasty in return: model Rob Evans as one of the show’s new judges.

The 24-year-old Oxord, UK, native is of mixed Irish and black decent and is represented in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Barcelona, which is probably why he’s ranked number 17 on’s list of the Top 50 Male Models. He’s also a boxer, which means he means he’s a tough, manly man, not one of the typical androgynous male models seen on the runway, and if you need another reason to be excited, just look at him—gorgeous!

Rob will join PR maven Kelly Cutrone, who served as a judge in Cycle 18, and Johnny Wujek, stylist to the stars, for Cycle 19 of the show which has a couple of other twists. One, the show will be moving to Friday nights at 8 pm, and two, in honor of Tyra Banks’ recent stint at Harvard Business School, this season will focus on students seeking all different kinds of education, from four-year colleges and universities to beauty school students.

There will also be an opportunity for audience participation this time around. Beginning May 24, fans will have two opportunities each week to vote online at to choose their favorite contestants and the judges will use these scores to help determine who gets kicked off the show each week. Maybe we can also request more camera time for Rob.

What do you think about next season? Worth a watch?

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