New Videos: 50 Cent, Troy Ave, Kevin McCall, Birdman, Shanell, Bei Maejor, 2 Chainz


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. 50 Cent (feat. 2 Chainz) – “Riot (Remix)”

“Run This Town” Part 2? Sure looks like it to us.

2. Troy Ave (feat. Avon Blocksdale) – “Cokeamania”

With graphics that look fresh out of a comic book, this video could be the hood version of the Sin City movie. Interesting.

3. Kevin McCall (feat. Big Sean) – “Naked”

This video is exactly what Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will look like in 2054. Mark our words!

4. Birdman (feat. Lil Wayne & Mack Maine) – “Dark Shades”

This video moves so fast, we’re not sure which to focus on more: how good Weezy’s skateboard skills have gotten or how long his dreads have grown!

5. Shanell (feat. Lil Wayne & Drake) – “So Good/6AM”

Damn! Who knew that Shanell could stretch like that? If for one thing only, watch this video to see how far back her leg can go…

6. Bei Maejor (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) – “Lights Down Low”

If only our summers were this interesting. Bugging the fuck out at the ball court and late-night house parties with Waka? That’s enough excitement for June and July!

7. 2 Chainz – “Undastatement”

Is 2 Chainz the new king of video stuntin’? Hell, with all the stacks and jewels being passed around in this video, stuntin’ may be just an ‘understatement.’